How To Get Airline Miles Without Flying

How To Get Airline Miles Without Flying

Most people are probably familiar with the frequent flyer programs, like Star Alliance or Sky.

A nice way to get free flights. Unfortunately you really need to fly a lot to get enough miles for free flights, which is not affordable for everyone.

But there are ways to get frequent flyer miles without even entering an airplane.

I want to go give you a sum up of those possibilities.

– Credit Cards – Earning One Mile For Each Dollar You Spent

Probably one of the most effective ways to get miles. Get a mile per dollar that you spent.

Nearly every Airline that is member of a frequent flyer program, has its own credit cards today. So there is a big variety of different options. Look up your preferred airline and check for their credit cards. Its possible to earn up to 30000 Miles by applying to on of these cards. All you need to do is fulfil the minimum spending requirements and remember to cancel the card before the annual fees will be charged.

– Hotels – Miles While You Sleep

Some big Hotel chains have partner programs with airlines.

Therefore you get a certain amount of miles per night you spent at those partner hotels.

The website offers a great service, by booking a night at a hotel through this site you earn miles for each night.

– Restaurants – Eat For Miles

The so called Dinning Programs are a network of partner restaurants of airlines.

You will need to register your credit card at the dinning program of your choice. Now you will get miles each time you eat and pay with the registered card at a partner restaurant.

– Car Rentals – Drive For Miles

Many big car rental companies, like Hertz, Avis, Sixt, Europcar…..have partnerships with airlines. You get Miles each time you rent a car at those companies.

Hertz for example offers 500 miles each time you rent a car, for Miles and More Members. (Frequent Flyer Program of Lufthansa)

– Shopping – Miles Per Purchase

Many airlines also have their own shopping portals at the web.

You earn miles by purchasing products through those portals.

Furthermore airlines have agreements with big shops, where you might shop already anyway. A helpful site in this relation is

– Promotion – You Can Get Miles For Nearly Everything

It pays off to check out the offered promotions of your FFP from time to time.

The Airlines have a huge variety of partnerships in all kinds off fields.

For example miles for a Netflix registration, miles for getting an insurance, miles for getting a certain internet plan and so on….

– Surveys – Answers for Miles

The websites and are offering miles for taking part in surveys.

15 Things Backpackers Should Have in Their Bags – The Essentials

15 Things Backpackers Should Have in Their Bags – The Essentials

In this list i provide the travel gadgets for backpackers that i found most useful.

Thereby i exclude the obvious goods like clothes.

Emergency Kit

A small kit containing the basic first aid tools. Always Important.

You will get one in your local Outdoor-Store or Here.

Prepaid Phone

A cheap prepaid phone fully charged for emergencies.

In case of loosing your smartphone.

Swiss Army Knife

Of course it doesnt have to be a swiss army knife, but at least a multifunctional knife.

The classic edition “Victorinox Swiss Army Climber II” features more than ten useful tools.

Charging Adapter

An adapter plug that lets you charge all your devices anywhere in the world.

Quite useful are adapters that are also including USB ports. I can recommand This one.

Water Bag

Very useful for Hiking but also in general a must have, those bags can contain up to 5 liters and

protect you from dehydration. Through the flexible shape they always fit in the bag.

A Decent Camera

A decent camera isnt cheap, but you will regret having saved on that after the trip.

A small and light basic DLR costs about 400 Euro. But its worth the investment, later at home you

will have high quality pictures in addition to your memories that will enlight you for years.

I can recommend the Canon Eos 1200 D . Its compact, light ad contains all necessary basic functions.

Document Wallet

A Big protective Wallet for all your important travel documents, like flights ticket, passport, visa, immunization card….


Headlight or a Maglite.


A very basic camping cooking system.

I use the Trangia systems. The very basic Mini Trangia or the Ultralight Stove Kit.


Obviously needed.. I recommand a small 2 person Quechua tent.

Sleeping Bag

Obviously. Go to your local Outdoor Store and ask for advice.

Notepad and a Pen

Mainly important for noting down contact data, from you friends at home or the people you meet on your trip.

Furthermore writting down ideas and inspirations of fellow travellers, where to go next.


If you have slept in many hostel dorms already, you will know how important Oropax can be.

Small Dicitionary

Always Useful… Most Dictionaries are available as a pocket edition.

The Cheapest Airlines In Europe

The Cheapest Airlines In Europe

Flying within Europe does not have to be expensive. You just need to find the right airlines and you will end up saving a lot of money. There are quite many low-fare Airlines in Europe today.

The largest discount Airlines are RyanAir, EasyJet, Germanwings and AirBerlin.

Those big airlines fly to nearly all the major cities in Europe for prices starting at only 30 Euro.

I summed up a list of the cheapest airlines in Europe, to give you a good overview that might help you to find your cheap flight.

Ryanair (Irish)
Germanwings (German)
Airberlin (German)
EasyJet (German)
Sun Express (Turkey)
Wizz Air (Hungary)
City Jet (England)
Scandjet (Sweden)
Norwegian (Norway)
Flybe (UK)
Air One (Italy)
AirBaltic (Lativa)
XL Airways (France)
Vueling (Spain)
Aer Lingus (Ireland)
Meridiana (Italy)
Jet2 (UK)
Blue Air (Romania)
SmartWings (Czech Rep.)
Volotea (Spain)

Note: Some of those Airlines listed here, are really discount airlines (e.g Ryan Air). Therefore don’t expect any big service, they will just get you from A to B. If you prefer comfort and space while flying then you might need to look for other Airlines.

The 11 Most Expensive Travel Mistakes

The 11 Most Expensive Travel Mistakes

Most experienced traveler may think that the following points are obvious, howevermany tourist make those mistakes quite often. This little list shall be a checking list for your trip,to prevent yourself from losing money due to annoying mistakes.
Hope it helps, Cheers 😉
1. Travelling without any or a bad travel insurance
This could turn your trip into a huge mess. Accidents happen no matter where you are…
So make sure you get yourself a good travel insurance. Not one of those super cheap ones.
Those kind of insurances cover nearly nothing and at the end of the day you end up paying yourself.

A good travel insurance is not free, but definitely a must-have.

There are many out there, from my personal experience I can recommend this one.