About Us

Founded in 1999 by two relentless adventurers, we're a team with a big passion: enriching people's lives by helping them to acquire as more experiences as possible. 

Our mission is to transform as many lives as possible and turn every customer into a friend, through the power of living richly. 

As an active team, our commitment is to help everybody achieve their long life travel dreams and also suggest them as many things as possible. We believe in the power of will, in discovery, adventure and sustainable living. 

Traveling offers us freedom along with new perspectives over life and it's a tremendous opportunity to add new skills while developing independence. 

The journey itself contributes to every individual's personal development. You acquire new qualities, you become spiritually rich, you learn about the culture of various people living in other countries and you begin to understand why they live in this way and not differently.

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I want to thank you guys for the time of our lives. When we returned from this incredible adventure, we were different people – in a good way, of course. Now we have a new and improved perspective on life and everything that surrounds us. Keep up the good work!
It’s a real pleasure to work with Travel Now Agency, as they are true professionals. They never settle for anything less than perfect and do everything that’s needed to get the best results.
Looking for a great vacation? Travel Now Agency has it for sure. It doesn’t matter what type of trip you need, these guys can really handle anything. As they sometimes say – there are no problems but only challenges!