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How To Find Cheap Flights?

This step by step guide will teach how to find the cheapest flights out there and become an expert. This simple guide can potentially save you thousands of dollars a year, so Soon all of your friends will come asking for your advice! 

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 before we dive in, you have to remember 2 key components in traveling cheap 

 Time – As always in life, its all about timing. And time equal money: 

 1. Time of booking – 

 The time in which you book the flight can have a massive effect on the price. The differences between one day to another sometimes worth hundreds of dollars. For this reason, its important to seize the opportunity when the price is in its lowest. Statistically, Tuesday is the best day to book flights (because a lot of the flights publish their deals that day) and the weekend is the worst time (everybody else are on the computer looking for flights). Plus, in general, the best time to order a flight is around 70 days before. Here is an estimated table to demonstrate you the effect of timing on the flight price: 

2. Date Of The Flight – 

 When is the best time to fly? Well the answer lies in the most basic powers of the market, you guessed it, supply and demand. The flight market isn’t any different from any other market. In weekends, holidays and vacations the prices are picking. on top of that, obviously every destination has its own popular season which are offcourse more expansive and you can save a lot if you avoid them by a little (trust me, it’s a lot of fun traveling in the offseason, there is no reason to worry). 

 Having said all of that what do you actually need to remember? Its simple: 

 - Cheapest days are usually Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday. 

- Cheapest hours are in the early morning.

 - Night before holiday usually have less demand, therefore cost less. 

 One last tip – FLEXIBILITY(!):

I cant stress this enough, if you want to travel cheap you have to be flexible both in the location in which you fly to and the time. Don’t look just in one or two days, try to stretch the search time spend as much as possible, weeks, months and even a whole year (some elite sites allow that). 

Now lets start the step by step guide:

1. Go in to incognito –

the reason we do that is because some sites use cookies and raise the prices in order to create a fake urgency and make you think you are missing the price. Don’t fall for this cheap trick, just surf incognito.

 2. Wide search in skyscanner and kiwi – 

Skyscanner is probably the leading flight search engine by now and for years it was a secret among backpackers. Meanwhile kiwi is taking off and is slowly becoming the new backpackers official secret (due to some major improvements). Both has great easy to use features especially if you are flexible and spontaniouse which makes them the perfect choice when you try to test the surface. 

 How to set the search? 

 skyscanner - dates: whole month / cheapest month.Destination: the destination you want or everywhere. 

Kiwi – Dates: anytime/personally adopted time span.Destination: anywhere/continents (Europe/Africa ects…), countries and so on. Just remember you can search the price to several destinations simutaniously. And don’t forget to press the “show cheapest” option. 

3. Choose the flights - 

Scroll through the results on skyscanner and kiwi and try different searches. Once you find a flight you like its time to jump into step 4. 

4. Search that flight on jetradar –

here something almost nobody knows… jetradar is not one of the biggest sites online and you probably didn’t even knew about it. But somehow, and for a very long time, he almost consistently deliver me the cheapest prices. 

5. Optional step – build the connection yourself:

If you’re flying somewhere that involves a connection flight it may be cheaper to book the flights separately on your own by adding another destination to your trip. But beware! you should not book tight layovers. Seriously, canot stress this enough - do not book layovers that are hours apart! Make sure you have enough time to catch the next flight. A great site to do this is, who offer their own guarantee on making connecting flights even when not with the same partner airlines. 

6. Optional step - go deeper, go local: 

Though its not likely, sometimes you can find even better deals if you dig deeper. Here are some further searches by location you can do: 

 Cheap flights in Europe: 







 Cheap flights in north America and the US: 

 JetBlue, Southwest, Spirit – big American low-cost companies

 WestJet, AirTransat, Porter Airlines – Canadian low-cost companies

Cheap flights in south America: 




Cheap flights in south east Asia: 





Cheap flights in india and the area: 






Cheap flights in Australia and new Zealand: